It’s all about consumption

“I guess we’re saying the same thing,” said a commentator who was trolled on social media.

The author retorted, “It is all about how, when and where you say it.”

Comments that followed ……

“A manufacturer only processes, does not create anything.”

“Beauty emerges after chiselling.”

“Not really, it is about relevance of the final product to the consumer.”

I learnt the hardest lesson of my life.

“It’s all about consumption.”

“Many of you don’t believe in my existence, despite the processing and chiselling I’ve done for you,” says a silent, but omnipresent voice somewhere up there….or somewhere between us.

33 thoughts on “It’s all about consumption

  1. Ohhhh, I loves it! The voice of the one who holds the universe in the palm of His hand. Love how you’ve given Him voice. ( I use him as a universal term, not a gender one).

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