Daddy’s Home- #Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Daddy’s Home …. by cozyquietcorner

Cozy Quiet Corner

Reena is the host for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #155.
Reena saysHorror is a genre we haven’t touched in the Exploration Challenge prompts as yet.. I make an effort to conquer my own inhibitions and discomfort with horror.Explore your psyche to see if you love something so short, or take a longer route to build up anticipation and fear.

Image- Sarah Dietz at Pexels

Maria was annoyed as she entered her house, hands full of grocery bags and medical supplies. She had knocked and rang the doorbell repeatedly, waiting for her fiancé Erik to open the door. He must have fallen asleep on the first floor guest bedroom, she groused mentally.

Relieved of her burden, she went in search of her six year old. The house seemed a little quiet.
No TV, no whispering. Nothing. Was Rachel taking a nap as well?
Maria frowned. Her daughter was…

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