Lonely Planets

Lonely Planets …. By Len


Responding to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #154 based on above image. https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com/2020/09/24/reenas-exploration-challenge-154/

We are 7.8 billion lonely planetary bodies, circling each other, affected by gravity, pushing and pulling against each other to stay on course. We are 7.8 billion separate ecosystems, struggling to co-exist, trying to make sense of our environment, attentive to our own needs, less so to others. We are 7.8 billion conscious beings, waiting to be fully aware. waiting for our potential to take root and grow.

Discard your blinkers, look around, open your eyes and view the beauty of this planet and its people. Notice the person next to you, touch the person next to you, reach out to the person next to you. Be it family, friend, neighbor or stranger. Stop listening to the news with its distorted, slanted bias towards the worst of human nature. Feed your mind with poetry, noble stories, tales of heroism…

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