Take us out of here….

It came as no surprise to anyone when she entered the arena and found it inhabited by winged predators.

It was popularly held theory that the destructive virus was bred in the confines of this space. The people who dared to speak had been eliminated. The eerie silence was pregnant with terror and horror.

The darkness got dense, but she was surprised she could breathe free. Her throat was not choked with disease, and she could taste freedom. 

The predators fell silent and looked the other way. It seemed they were tired of doing whatever they were engaged to do. She was tempted to touch one of those to offer consolation, but it could have been misinterpreted.

For reasons unknown to her, her missionary zeal to trap the culprit was thinning down. She turned back and made a move towards the door, but a strange voice stopped her in her tracks…

“Can you take us out of here? Else, we will die of the new poison being manufactured for us….”


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