Sweet revenge

The late morning was clear and crisp as Sawyer stepped out of the travel hostel.

He was on a much-needed vacation, and had decided to go it alone.

On the bus, he noticed Radhika, an Indian girl who was holidaying alone, and was chirpy enough to sat Hello to everyone out there. Guiltily, he admitted to himself that his stiff British upper lip was falling a victim to her charm, and he smiled occasionally at her silly jokes.

“So, tell me, Radhika, which of the Indian curries do you love most?”

“The spicy ones with coconut, tomatoes and other spices. You won’t be able to handle it.”

“Hmmm… so you belong to Bangalore, or some place near?”

“You seem to know something about India?” She looked interested.

He drew back into his shell, not wanting to tell her that his father had once fallen victim to the charm of a lady from Bangalore, and they lost him. His mother had brought him up single handedly.

“Are you married, Radhika?”

“Not yet, but committed.” She smiled with a dream in her eyes.

“Commitments can change, or shift.”

He was looking into her eyes in a way that mesmerised her.

It was time for him to take away someone from that place. He wondered if his father will ever know about it, or if he was in anyway connected to Radhika.

Back in Bangalore, Radhika’s British father was desperately trying to get in touch with her….


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