~ Linked ~

Everything is linked …. by snowdrop


May seem maze…but a mesh…

One Might be living in mystery…
One might be living in pain…
One might be living in reel…
One might be living in mirage..!

Can’t see the whole picture…
But everything make sense!!
You can’t control some things.. It may tied with moment of high expense… !!

This is one phase…
Live fullest till it glaze…
It may sucks…
Trust me it worths!
Each happening has its value…
Each clash has its warrant…

You can’t deny..This moment you are reading..but your destiny already inked!!
If you can map… Each moment helped you somehow…as if
Everything is Linked!!


Likes don’t pay me..but motivate me to write ☺


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2 thoughts on “~ Linked ~

  1. This is brilliant….destiny, a grand scheme by The Heaven, which we eartlings fail to decipher.
    Absolutely fantastic. Loved the words as well as the thought that went into forming the words.. 🙂

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