“It is your decision, and I respect it, but I don’t know how and where will you survive with that outdated mindset of yours….”

He was more exasperated than sad or sorry or disappointed, and it made a lot of difference. It somehow became a reaffirmation of my decision to leave.

“I don’t expect you to understand, for I think we lost that connect long ago and I do not wish to drag you where you don’t want to be. If the five years of association have given me a right to speak, all I have to say is that I support flexibility, but I cannot trust when a value system becomes elastic.”

He looked as relieved to get rid of me, as he had done with his erstwhile value system – to embrace so-called success.


16 thoughts on “Erstwhile

  1. Losing connections because the value system of one or both becomes elastic and embraces values and actions intolerable of the other has caused many of relationship to dissolve. Good SSS.

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  2. There are those willing to rationalize, excuse and otherwise look away. I wonder the true quality (of the) relationship when that happens. When it comes to compromise, imo, the rabbit hole to avoid is compromising one’s own values for another.

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