Table Talk

Table Talk …. by Len

Responding to Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 153. How do my thoughts get processed into words?
Or do my words spur thoughts? How do they interact?

Setting: My daughters house, family celebration of the triplets 15th birthday, Brianna, Kayleigh and Devin. Fourteen people seated around the dinner table.

Devin: Are kitchen cabinets made in the factory.

Grandad: They can be made in a factory or custom crafted. Why do you ask.

Mom: Devin’s into carpentry. He made his own bookcase.

Devin: I asked for a table saw for my birthday. Still waiting.

Grandad: Were you manufactured or custom made, Tarrin.

Tarrin: I was custom made of course. Nothing but the best.

Brianna: No you weren’t. Mom and dad adopted you from Sweden:

Tarrin: She’s always saying that just because I’m the only one in the family with blond hair.

Brianna: I’m only telling the truth.

Colleen: That’s not a…

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