The muse. Brewing thoughts into words. #poetry and #prose

Brewing Thoughts into Words …..

Reena’s exploration challenge.

Tentative muse
Wild and untamed
Why won’t you obey
And why won’t you be summoned
You come often
But the moment is a mystery
And the hour, a surprise
A delinquent who delights
With those feelings you infuse
And the journeys you enthuse.
Take me now and do what you may.

Will you bring me romance
Spark the tidbits of pleasure in my mind
And sweeten the words caressing my page.

Or will it be adventure
An excitement so palpable
With words that tumble pell-mell
From the echelons of dreams

Why not get my heart racing!
Drag me through dark halls of horror
And shadows of the unknown

All the emotions you bring…
Love when I’m broken
Dread when I’m safe
A sprinkle of fantasy bliss
And the euphoria of sensual ecstasy

How I crave you when you’re here
And miss you when you’re gone

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