The politician is trolled for referring to the economy class as ‘cattle class’, and this in a country where a majority cannot afford to fly. He was panning the new cost control measures being imposed on members of parliament.

His father watches the news on TV with a fading vision, too old to remember what he ate for breakfast, but retains an active interest in politics.

He is the freedom-fighter whose achievements were celebrated in the newly independent country. 

Now, he speaks in a feeble voice,“I remember being kettled during that peaceful protest march. I understand how it feels, even if the context is different.”

20 thoughts on “Kettled

  1. Reading this, the first thought that came to mind was how come the police do not use these ‘kettling’ tactics in today’s social unrest. Rather they seem to let the crowds do what they want. Shows you how much times have changed. Thought-provoking six, Reena.

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  2. Love your use of the prompt word. What progress is made if we don’t learn from the past? What value is a previous generation’s sacrifice if we disregard the lessons of those gone before?
    Another thought provoking Six, Reena. Keep them coming 🙂

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