Care to be?

Care to be ….. by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

P.C :- Elena Mozhvilo- Unsplash

I am,

A museum full of art,

A deck full of music,

A palette full of hues,

Surrounded by,

Convictions that echo,

Perceptions that assume,

Theories that convince,

Life is rosy ,

Say the one viewing from a distance, other than you,


How would the one, experiencing it view?

Care to be in his shoes?

55 words.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Reena Saxena for running the Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 152 . The challenge for this week is to use the given phrase, “I am a museum full of art and a deck full of music, but….”. I’ve used broken up this phrase and used it in three different places. Thank you Sadje for running the What do you see challenge # 47. The challenge is to use the above photo as an inspiration for your piece of writing. Thank you all for stopping…

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