Starry nights

Background with Starry night sky. Falling Snow Effect. Galaxy

I envy stars. They reflect borrowed light, and make the night worthwhile. They twinkle unashamedly, unmindful of their tiny size. They are a constant in the sky, not afraid of the density of passing clouds.

Denizens of the earth write stories and songs around them. In their dreams, they sleep with the moon and envy the stars. But the stars remain unaware. I wonder if they even miss the moon.

Challenging darkness is no mean task, but I learn how to leverage on all resources to do the same. Teamwork originated in the planetary system. Others just followed suit.

Celebrities are called stars, but are they, really? They crave for adulation, they break down under pressure, they live in fear of losing it all …. not a very starry trait.

‘We are all made of stardust’, say motivators. They know what they are talking about.

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