Reena’s Exploration Challenge #151

Michael’s take on Exploration Challenge #151 …


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Is it always me who flounders at the first hurdle?

Who looks flummoxed by the prospect?

That you can’t put round pegs in square holes.

The problem appears insurmountable

Even though I know the solution

Given a bit of thought

Will be simplicity itself.

So I’ve learned to put the issue aside

Go do something else,

A cup of tea, a biscuit and a read for a bit.

Suddenly I get an idea, if I do this,

And then, twist a bit and turn that

I think I’ll have it in the bag,

Or at least resembling what it should be.

It’s a ritual I go through every time,

I enjoy the challenge, but I know,

There will be obstacles in one form or another

So I ask myself is it always me?

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