It’s always me

It’s always you, it’s not me, 
Mercury riding on your back
with light you interact
playing a game
designed to sell
You pass judgements on me….

You catch reflections
bouncing back
from my skin
my core 
you’ll never catch
it lies so deep beneath

I master language
write self-portraits
use a few filters
from fave apps
to present the best me
Yet, I know….
what I conceal
or reveal

stories you write
about me 
from interactions,
and the mirrors 
you see…
Not the real me…

Then, my Me 
is a story
I write every day
to live up to
and create 
Legacy …

It’s always Me….

38 thoughts on “It’s always me

  1. I like the complexity of your selfie, a hall of mirrors for sure. That’s why having old friends who have known you through it all and have the courage/confidence to be there for levity can be so helpful. There is so much to wade through, inside, outside, sideways, through time, that the self is never fixed, even though paradoxically I feel secure in that self. Thanks for making me think!

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  3. Beverly Crawford

    The who we are and the who others perceive us to be are often diverse to the max. I had a responsible job in management, yet inside I was still the little farm girl who drove the tractor and milked the cow!

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  4. Self-fulfilling prophecy – the concept that our behavior is heavily influenced by our perception of the way others view us. the concept is summarized by the following statement: I am not what I think I am; and I am not what you think I am, but I am what i think you think I am. Excellent piece, Reena.

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  5. Yes, yes, we present a story about our self, we are seen by others through their own filters, we curate ourselves like an exhibition on social media, and under it all, there we still are, half seen, half known. I like this one a lot, Reena, thank you.

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