Dark secrets

The police was at the doorstep.

He thought the matter had been closed la few weeks ago.

“You are under arrest.” The tone was terse, and there was no other option than getting in the jeep with the police team.

A few hours later….

“We have traced out deleted chats from a number which was bought by you in your cook’s name. It talks about getting your wife addicted to drugs with a few drops in tea, and gradually getting assets transferred in your name, and the will written.”

“There is no will.” His voice was defensive, but weak.

“We know that. But you are the legal heir in absence of a family other than you. It was the legal process that you wished to bypass.”

“Now, you are jumping to conclusions…..”

“The person at the other end of the chat has confessed.”

Holy Fish! How could she? 

“Dark secrets can’t be swept under the rug for long. The police has sufficient proof to proceed against you.”

He saw a shadow walk in through the door. It was his wife whom he had presumed dead.

“Then who was that?” Exclamation

“That will be discovered soon. Workers are digging the grave.”


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