Going back

“Haven’t we done this before?” The look in her eyes was defiant.

“What? Driving me round the bend?”

“Why doesn’t the message go through your thick head that you cannot dominate or manipulate me?”

“Is that the way you talk to your father?”

“Well… you know better.”

His entire life floated in front of his eyes, he wished he could go back to his estranged parents and divorced wife and ask forgiveness, but the daughter he loved had walked out of the house.


17 thoughts on “Going back

  1. Good Six.
    (Surely Life’s greatest paradox and burden, the repetition of patterns of relationships. The unfortunate thing is that genuine change must come from within and has very little power to change the other person. If we accept that, we get to keep our own change, if we do not, we end up surrendering a new world for the old.)

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