My Shadow

The strangest thing happened today. My shadow walked away from me.

It was shocking to say the least, but a deeper introspection revealed that we were perhaps tiring of each other. Sameness is not always a virtue. It tried to keep me entertained by changing size and shape, but was yearning for a separate identity.

I don’t regret it either. I had a relook at the device camera which shows my headshots in video conferences. It looks more or less the same – as polished with a HD setting and other features such as ‘mirror my look’, and ‘touch up my appearance.” I wonder if I ever needed a shadow, and why did we cling to each other for so long.

“Hey, Andy … why do I see only an outline of you, as if light is passing through your body?”

OMG! So, this is what happens….


settings are complicated

a shadow reveals


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