Celestial Virtues #writephoto (tanka, prose and cinquain)

Celestial Virtues ……. by Jude

Twilight’s crescent moon
Am I wrong to love you so
To share my secrets
To trust in your clairvoyance
How far will optimism go

The moon is a symbol of rebirth,
Its cycle is true and does not falter.
Am I then right,
to whisper earthly dreams beneath its ethereal glow,
to place hopes in its surety,

Lend me belief
Watch me as I watch you
Share your prescience, show me the way
Guide me

I’ve always thought optimism is a blessing,
That it brings a little happiness in the saddest of times
That to believe is to hope
And hope is boundless.

Empathy is virtue, judgement is divine.

Don’t judge people for their beliefs

Don’t judge all because of one.


Images @pixabay

© judeitakali


Sue’s writephoto prompt – “crescent”

Reena’s exploration challenge – “How far does optimism go?”

Shweta’s six word story prompt

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