ink blots
on pages of time
changing colours
in mutant shapes
telling stories
which are not mine

the pen 
between my fingers
asks what to write…
A newspaper column
A lightning ghazal
truth inscribed on stone?

It’s all meaningless
after my name
Is wiped out
colors, shapes
of inkblots
hidden tales
will all change again…

15 thoughts on “Inkblots

    1. Certain cultures lay huge importance on having a male child to carry the name forward. Girls adopt their husband’s family names. It is being bypassed as girls retain their maiden name or skip it altogether.

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      1. It’s sad to say but I think pretty much all cultures lay huge importance on it. Another cog in the paternalistic machine. I’m very happy that the young generation are rejecting that way of thinking.

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    1. Hopefully but I think this is a very deep look into our transient existence as human beings. We have just lost a friend and husband to a close friend of mine and to this virus, He was a writer and professor of creative writing. I was just thinking today of the loss of his voice. Your words resonate indeed.

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