Conversations #writephoto

Don’t just hang around there, light up the world! The darkness in spirits needs you.

I move, I watch you moving and grow at the same time. I control the tides, but live on borrowed light. 

Then, maybe our Master is the same…. But his horses straddle across the sky without looking down… Who can send a SOS call?

What call?, spoke the Sun, I give you time to act and then leave you alone to reflect. Your processing machines are turned inward, and fail to see the magic in the universe. You want to conspire and conquer, but end up becoming victims.

Pray, write your wisdom in blazing letters across the sky, for all to read.

You need to learn my language, and it means unlearning a lot.

The crescent now looked like semi-circular, and would soon get fuller. Are we growing?


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