Sepia Tints

“I don’t know how many spirits have stopped by, or lived here in the last few years. It feels criminal to disturb their abode.”

“You cannot build a new structure, without pulling this one down. See what a grand plan I have for our new home, ” he held the architect’s blueprints in his hand – seven bedrooms, a huge library, a studio for my art indulgence were the few incentives to get my approval.

“Sepia tints to Ammonia prints…”

“Is that the title of your new artwork?”

“It could well be. I choose to live in this house, as it is.” 

45 thoughts on “Sepia Tints

  1. I agree with you. I would stay in the original home. Many years ago there was a house that I wanted so badly that they were tearing down. I was trying to find a way to maybe move it to a piece of property. Due to lack of communication it came down before I got an answer.

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