Mindly Spirit

Mindly Spirit ..,. by cozyquietcorner

Cozy Quiet Corner

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I walked ahead, following the bright rays streaming from the gaps between the canopies of the tall trees. I was getting tired, but something compelled me to forge ahead. My last memory had been of sitting before the fireplace, sipping brandy and finalising the seating arrangements; when I found myself alone, trekking in a forest just two days before my wedding. Where was I? How did I arrive here?

I looked at the sky. Preferring indoor activities, it was difficult for me to determine if it was dusk or dawn. I could feel the beginnings of a stress headache, which would soon accompany my aching feet and growling stomach. As though the wedding preparations spiralling out of control and essentric in-laws wasn’t enough, my meticulous schedule would be shot to hell with this ill-timed venture. Someone had to have realised I was missing and would’ve alerted the authorities…

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