tiny eyes twinkled
in darkness 
of my psyche
-innocent laughter long
long after they left

They laughed at my ignorance
the newest fool in town
they knew not
where I came from
my language 
was alien 
my attire strange
to their 
limited vision

Then on…
I donned many colours
spun new stories
from my embellished hat

they enjoy
I’m happy
at long last…
they’ve learnt
to pay for it

28 thoughts on “Clowning

  1. The opening stanza is an interesting introduction to the clown’s sensitivity and view of himself, Reena, eye-opening in its honesty, and the way he sees the children as having ‘limited vision – until the magic of the ‘embellished hat’, everyone seems happy, but I’m concerned about the final lines.

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  2. Reena, am I imagining a dark undertone to this? The first stanza suggests a mental imbalance, and the last few lines make me wonder how “they’ve learnt pay for it.” My own dark shadows may be seeing something that isn’t there…

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