What lies around the corner?

Elizabeth Gilbert famously spoke out battling two horses every morning –

Fate, which cannot be controlled

Free Will, which can be steered in the right direction

Choosing the second horse is a no-brainer, since we have no control on the first. And maybe, the second can manipulate the first.

But life shows us different scenarios, and our perspectives keep changing.

“When it is over, said and done

  It was a time

  And there was never enough of it.”

It was never enough, because I was busy exploring the next option. I believe in “Fail Fast, Fail Differently”, and it has got me wherever I am today.

Yet, it is not the best possible place I wanted to be in. 

Maybe, success is around the corner. Maybe there are more lessons to be learnt.

I may not be the King, buy I’ll be a kingmaker.

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