Hesitant to love you #poetry #writephoto

Hesitant to love you ….. by Jude

tales told different

I’m nervous for this week and I can’t understand why.
I feel something impending and I just can’t shake that feeling.

But for now I’ll keep writing each night, and try to alleviate this trepidation.

Does your sixth sense go haywire too?

Anyway, the ponderous thought from this week’s Saturday Symphony inspired me to write this,

Hesitant to love you

The love withheld
Is the one we want the most

Desire leaks from your supple lips

As they moisten my cheek with a kiss veiled in innocence

Your fingers graze my arm as you turn to leave
Your need raking lust through my nerves
You know I want you
But you want me to love you

Alas, I do not remember how
My broken heart carries only a phantom love
A shade of the dreams you see in me
My mind is willing
But my soul beseeches reprieve
Yearns for…

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