Unpleasant Fairy

Somebody told her she was made of stardust, and nothing could stop her from achieving what she wants.

That somebody did not tell Maria that God always builds an anti-thesis of everything. One would never appreciate peace, without knowing turmoil and war. Colours look more defined when contrasted with an opposite on the colour wheel.

Her sister was the person she spent maximum time with, but they never agreed on anything. She did not miss being deliberately ignored, or her efforts at something go unappreciated. Her discomfort was something that her sister seemed to take delight in.

They were now in their sunset years.

Maria’s voice seemed to come from afar, but the question was clear,

“I never understood why did you do that to me.”

“Well, even I did not know why to start with. I just did not like being unfavourably compared with your brilliance.  But over the years, I realised that indifference made you shine more. Tell me, would you have been the same person you are today, without me?” The smile was mischievous rather than malicious.

Both of them laughed in unison. They had suddenly found answers to all those nagging voices in the head.


9 thoughts on “Unpleasant Fairy

  1. Great response Reena, I remember years ago an explanation of God, in that he couldn’t just make one side to things, there had to be an up if there was a down and so forth. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  2. I often wonder if single children in a household find it more difficult to cope with the world. In a multi sibling household, it can be a matter of survival, as they feed off each other, which forces changes in their personality and allows them a smoother adjustment into the world. This story is excellent, Reena.

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