Reena’s Exploration Challenge #147

An interesting take by Paperkutz on the Exploration Challenge #147


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #147 by Reena Saxena

Prompt #147

I can’t imagine a world with no color. Color assists us with so many aspects of life. Such as driving and crosswalks. Just to mention a couple important examples. When I say “us” I am not just referring to humans.

Of course, right out of the gate we may think of a group of human that relish Living in simply black and white. These people are often described as Gothic. As far as I know between clothing and make up and such they stick strictly to black and the white being either their skin or make up.

On the other hand I immediately think of how animals use color. Many animals use color with other rituals, so to speak, to choose their mates.

Then there are animals, both predators and prey that use color as a kind of camouflage. Depending…

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