He used to be ….

“Crowded streets in Covid times are scary…..”

“It’s not a fraction of what it used to be on this day.”

“This day?”

“Yes. Today is Gokulashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. Traditionally, people tie up yoghurt and sweets in a pot and hang it very high. There is an art of science of getting up there to break the pot.”

“Ohh!” Mary was new to Indian culture, but deeply interested, “Maybe I’ll get to see it next year.”

They smiled in unison, hoping for better times. Gopal was wiping a tear. He used to be the champion breaking the pot.

30 thoughts on “He used to be ….

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  2. Excellent story that certainly makes the point very well, Reena.
    Since I’ve never been a large crowds person, such celebrations went on without me. But such a loss for economies and fun seekers.

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