A Splash of Love #writephoto

A splash of love …. by Jude

tales told different

He does not love, he hates,
Injustice, indifference, immorality.
Guilt dogs his every step.
Sorrow for what has been done,
And what is yet to come.
The beauty around,
discoloured by bitterness within.
His righteous soul cries out in distress,
As he blurs between the lines of love and hate
If love is timeless, is hate the same?

She does not hate, she loves,
Nature, laughter, Affection.
Predators lurk around her every turn
But her eyes are blind
To the evils of this world
Its gray shadowed threats,
disguised in coloured hues of beauty
As she toes that fickle line
Between danger and safety

Two people so different,
and yet fundamentally the same.
His cautious shades of gray,
Tinged deep with fervour and passion.
Her rainbow of bliss and beauty,
Splashing fantasy onto reality.

Imagine them together,
Dream up their world,
A home besides gray waters,
Of solid…

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