Reading too much

I try to find a pattern in the randomness. Is there a message hidden for someone?

Was it meant to cross the barriers of language, culture and time – if someone sees it long after the imprints were created?

Palms, thumbs, teardrops, jellyfish … certainly something to do with aquatic life ….or just the uncontrolled artwork of a kid, and this is all he could draw within his capability and available material?

Why do we try to read between the lines so much, when the matter is confined to language, level of intelligence and writing tools? It is only the author’s perspective.

24 thoughts on “Reading too much

  1. Whenever I am at the doctor’s office, I look at the acoustic ceiling tiles and try to find the same pattern on them, refusing to believe each one is random

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  2. Perhaps we’re so conditioned to expect everything in the world to make sense that we even try to make sense of art. For me, art represents emotion. Very often an artist may have created a work with a meaning specific to them but…. seems to me the nature of art is to allow for individual interpretation which surely is part of the fun!
    Once again, Reena, your Six has given my tired brain a little exercise. Thank you 😀

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    1. I agree. Different interpretations add value to the piece. There are many a times when I see a comment and think “This is not what I intended to convey”, but fine … it opens up avenues for further development on the subject. Flash fiction anyway, is more of an opening scene or slice of life than a story.

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  3. Reads like me trying to interpret Cubism. I’ve spent eons on trying to interpret some poetry and just given up. I have such a simple mind, please don’t go too deep, it’s beyond my understanding. That was a very interesting SSS, Reena.

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  4. Good question! I know I am guilty of trying to make sense of it all, but short of being the other person, well I may have to wait a while, a long while.

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  5. well…because we all (well, some of us) know there is more (between and among people) and if we look, just the right way, we will be able to hear it all/see it all/understand it all.
    Thought-provoking, yo


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