Another day

It is another day. The Sun rises and travels through the Sky. I wanna touch and feel the horizon, but there are some secrets Nature does not reveal.

It is another year, another season. Skies turn a dark gray, as the landscape greens and it pours. There are certain treasures nature does not conceal.

Pages of the calendar flutter through time. It is that day of the year once again – to celebrate existence, despite the challenges it presents.

sun and moon cover

predetermined paths, while I 

live life jaywalking

8 thoughts on “Another day

  1. I liked the terseness of your haibun and the secrecy of nature that reflects the blurriness of our future these days. The haiku topped it off….with it’s bit of rebellion.

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  2. Very honest and it’s evocative to me. I especially like how you describe the changes of the season to indicate time. A very beautiful piece to read! Thank you for sharing. ❤

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  3. This is so original and down to earth, Reena! I love the urge to ‘touch and feel the horizon’ and the way the ‘Pages of the calendar flutter through time’ – that is just how it feels these days. – and the defiance in haiku.

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