A funny thing happened on the way to the laundry today.

The colors from the threads I don, slipped out of my grip and started flowing through the streets. 

I tried to catch a few, but they looked unfamiliar. 

Red was not a pure color anymore. It got contaminated with my emotional states – anger, excitement, hot creativity….

Blue is considered to be a basic color, but it troubles others with depression and anxiety. Else, it flies away far into the sky, getting diluted in the process. We label its reflection in water as purity, but is it really pure?

Red and blue can conspire to create lilac passion, which spurs on both creativity and crime.

Yellow has been my favourite for long, for the brightness it induces. It is the color of gold, it is the color of the Sun. I hope and pray it purifies everything in its way, till journalism adopts it as a flag color. Things get murkier from there.

The inhabitants of a small town called Madhubani in the state of Bihar sell their art at high prices – because they use pure, organic colours from nature.

I’m more than willing to pay for those colours, because they retain purity despite the push of human hands and minds. I’m willing to pay for the threads as those are bathed in the purity of nature, before they adorn homes and human bodies.

I would like to taste purity, but I mask myself on the streets. What I breathe in, may not be what I want to be a part of me.


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