early years spent
being asked 
not to fly so high
tiny feet
being pulled down to earth
-My enthusiasm

Yet - those wings
carefully tucked in
sprouted again
taking me to the skies
-My Imagination

I picked up a pen
moved to keyboards
and found voice
Yes, voice....

need to have a voice
is the gist 
of all flights of fancy
and journeys
grounded feet take.

21 thoughts on “Voice

  1. Finding your muse, your voice, is a wonderful thing. The imagination knows no bounds, only what we know and can accept. It seems that you’ve accepted and embraced your muse!

    “early years spent
    being asked
    not to fly so high…”

    Very powerful imagery and quite sad in this context. No one should ever discourage anyone from following their passions or their callings.

    Keep flying, Reena. ❤ You write wonderfully.

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