Fortune teller

“Is that you, Nostradamus?”

“Unfortunately, yes … the world is not willing to forget me, though I’ve left it far behind.”

“You left behind a lot of confusion. Tell me, dude, you spoke about earthquakes, increased use of technology, the economic crisis and global warming in 2020. How did you miss on mentioning the virus, and stress in international relations?”

“There is an underlying cause for everything, and the so-called virus is just a trigger.”

“Now what is the difference between an underlying cause and trigger?”

“The smugness of power is the underlying cause. It takes a trigger to bring down economies, build walls voluntarily and then, wail about your helplessness.”

“Who brought in the trigger?”

“It could be you tomorrow. I cannot predict that.”

I was amazed the Fortune teller got it right. But the world is still struggling to make sense of it.


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