Final victory

Final Victory ….. by Shilpa Nairy

Shilpa Nairy

I just ran and ran without turning back this time. I could feel the heaviness in the breath and intense pain in the muscle but my gut feeling kept me going. Finally stopped to realise its getting dark. I can feel the heavy cool breeze hitting me. I could hear the surge of waves and tides.

I stopped. Took a deep breath and looked around.

Sigh!! Oooohhoooo. I made this year!


She was put into a hostel at an early age when she was just five years old by her stepfather after the demise of her mother. Initially, she was happy to get rid of his mistreat and be happy in the hostel but even hostel place was not different than that of her previous life. She was suffocated by the abuse and mistreat of male staff dominance in the hostel. The fear of loneliness, no clue of theā€¦

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