Count your blessings


We are facing a 50% salary cut for the next three months.

My job is still intact.

Opportunities in my business look hazy.

Did I really like it in the first place, or was I doing it only to earn money? This could be the right time to reskill and explore new opportunities.

I may have to resign due to resurfacing of hidden pressures.

Nobody is going to ask me about the break on my resume. It is becoming the new normal. I can well afford to take a break and explore fresh opportunities.

Work-from-home or flexitime will be the new normal. Office will never be the same again.

Isn’t this what I always wanted? The time saved on commuting can be used to develop a new skill or hobby.

The stock market has crashed.

It is the time to learn all about value-investing, and buy at low prices.

My company may force early retirement.

I’m young enough to start a new venture.

There are so many who have lost jobs.

It is the time to connect, collaborate and launch new ventures.

I signed on for 7 online courses due to boredom.

I’m discovering new talents in myself. Never had the time to explore it before….

My goal-based financial planning has gone for a toss.

It was time to review and reallocate, develop new habits. Goals in life keep changing, and resources should not remain frozen.

More commonplace examples can be added, like

I learnt how to cook or paint or something else…

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