A fleeting moment
A glimpse of disapproval
veiled in silence
stayed with me
long after 
you’d forgotten all about it…

I decide to move ahead
shaking you and your views
out of my system

you do not exist for me
as much as
I do not exist for you

32 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Reena, I would like the know the story on this one. I know that a casual word from someone can slice like a knife without their even being aware of it. If it was intentional on their part, they will live with the karma generated from it.

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  2. This is so beautiful and powerful. At times, it is very hard to let the words that haunt us and hurt us out of our minds, especially when said from someone else. It leaves an imprint quite like a bruise and changes the comfortability we may have once had with that person. It hurts and you capture that feeling evocatively as well beautifully.

    The final free lines are perfect. One is finally freed from those wounds. A magnificent piece!

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  3. I love the way this poem closes…… is hard to shake off those old voices. If people knew the lasting impact of their words, they would use them carefully.

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  4. We can give so much power to others and their approval or acceptance of us. Words hurt, for sure. Many of the wounds they leave are so deep they can not be seen, but def everyone can see the lasting impact they have on the life. Good job breaking free and taking ownership of life again.

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