It is not easy to forgive injustice, whatever the soul gurus have to say about it. 

She often found herself cursing all those who had deprived her of her rightful place in the world. She would imagine they dropped dead, were shedding tears on dead bodies of their loved ones or are humiliated more than she had been. Then, she surprised herself by flashing artificial smiles and entertaining them in her living room.

Today is different. Many of them face business losses in the pandemic era. Some are estranged from their loved ones as international and state borders are sealed. Their voices have dropped, tones and expressions changed. Untouchability is back in civilised societies, without the hierarchies. Fear rules, the perpetrator is widely discussed, but invisible. The future beckons, but nobody knows where will it lead.

She imagines how the world would be, if she could forgive everyone. Whatever she was deprived of was important at that stage of life, but does it really matter now? She was changing, along with the external landscape. 

It feels like spring, though the greenery outside is more a gift of rains. She feels possibilities growing inside her, all that she has never thought of before. She gives  a shape to her untapped potential on paper, or device screens. She feels a new bud blossom and transform her every morning.

She dresses to the hilt, packs her bag with potential and steps out – only to be told that the lockdown has been tightened further for the next ten days.

But the genie is not going back in the bottle. The walls of her building cannot confine her new found identity any more.

To top it all, the world is more of a level playing ground than it has ever been before.


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