Damn Dream

Damn dream ….. by Shilpa Nairy

Shilpa Nairy

The family commitment, taking care of ill father, education of younger brother had curbed Bhavana’s dream of travelling different part of her birthland and the world. Though she was earning in lakhs, she could not save a penny. She had stopped about thinking her life, future and dream.

One day while she was strolling in the garden and surprised to see the golden peculiar bottle that was visible half covered in the mud. She pulled it with curiosity and rubbed to clean the bottle. Some smoky blurred transparent image popped up from the sprout of the bottle that made her throw it and start running.

“Your wish is my command” voice followed her.

“Don’t run. I am a genie. Ask three wishes. You are my master until I fulfil those.

Bhavana had heard about this in the story and couldn’t believe if its genie or ghost or something else. She…

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