A Tangled Web

A tangled web …. by Len


Responding to Reena’s prompt#141 . https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com/2020/06/25/reenas-exploration-challenge-141/

Come into my parlor, make yourself comfortable, sit with me while I spin you a tale of two lost souls.

Silvie, sipping her Summer wine, brooding on life’s injustices.

Freddie, buzzing around, frantically searching for an elusive goal.

Silvie, quietly scheming, La Revolution.

Freddie, unable to relax, craving excitement.

Silvie, scurrying forth in search of a victim.

Freddie, roaming the city streets, zooming in on Silvie.

Silvie, relaxed, pondering the ‘Rise Up’ sign attached to a lamp post.

Freddie, rushing to make contact.

Silvie, waiting, calculating.

Freddie, buzzing, full of eager anticipation.

Sylvie, slyly enticing, offering forbidden fruit.

Freddie, besotted, eager, accepting.

Sylvie, offering a brick, and call to action.

Freddie, adrenaline pumping, accepting her token.

Sylvie and Freddie, turning the corner into an explosive chemical reaction.

The mob, all colours,shapes,sizes,egos pressed into a maelstrom of seething fury.

Chaos, hysterical laughter, broken windows, trampling…

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