He has lost several pounds of extra flab. He steps out in the unlockdown, well-disguised behind the beard, mask and huge frames of sunglasses. People back home have been waiting for his return.

“You are under arrest, Jekyll” growls the police inspector.

“I’m not Jekyll, there is a mistake in identification,” he mumbles as his raised arms belie the feigned confidence.

“Well, the bifurcated thumb shows from your gloves, and we have several other clues.”

14 thoughts on “Identification

  1. Nicely done!
    To imply parts of the story rather than to say it outright… very cool*

    *the image of your protagonist changed with the revelation (of the excessive number of digits)

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  2. Like Paul, I had to look up the word too! Having a condition like that would be a definite giveaway! You can change your body weight and length of hair but not much we can do with the digits on our hands 😀

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  3. Having a bifurcated thumb could be a challenge in a lot of occupations, but being a successful criminal would have many drawbacks. Thank you for introducing me to a new word. Good SSS.

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