Videographers are all over the office, asking people to smile and flash V signs. Some smiles are pretty strained, as they look up from the desk, interrupting a time-bound assignment. New projects bring people, and old faces might not be there to cheer in the next round.

The team moves to the CEOs secretary, and asks how would he like the set-up to be for his video shoot. She directs them inside with scared eyes, warning them softly that nobody can gauge what his mood would be like.

The big day arrives. Dark jackets look like specks on the picturesque green grass, as larger-than-life screens on both sides magnify their puny presence. The announcement is made – a behind-the-scenes development which the employees were not aware of. They are seen cheering and applauding on the mega screens.

stars fear through the night

they know one shining moment-

dawn will wipe them out

12 thoughts on “Magnifiers

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  2. This line in the prose New projects bring people, and old faces might not be there to cheer in the next round.” sets us up to wonder and worry as the scene changes, prepares, for the moment. The “scared eyes” tell us again….as do this person’s without saying a word. We are wary as we read on. I’d wondered about the title until I read the final paragraph….those mega screens that project the “stars” so people can see them from far away….and the “stars” are described as “puny”…I take that as a somewhat derogatory word. Not a compliment….even though these people are the “stars” on the screen. But somehow there is affirmation and happiness at the end….as an announcement behind the scenes is made…and thus, turning this into a shining moment for more than the “stars” . Your haiku is perfect for this.


    1. The magnified images are not just stars , but the people who cheered without knowing what they are cheering for. It shows non-inclusion of employees in big decisions, but a different projection to the world.


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