Reena’s Exploration Challenge #140 — Let Us Purr

Let us purr ….. by Jade Li/Lisa

Tao Talk

Incensed at incest
from 5 to 10

Perturbed by a pounding
at nine for refusing a kiss

Ballastic over being “bitch!’ed”
at random rambunctiousness
to shut up and shut down

Pissed off at being punched
for disagreeing — the night before
his mother came to visit

Displeased at being drenched
with water for trying to leave
with my infant son

Testy at being threatened to
have my children abducted
and never seen again

:::Expletive::: at being exploited

Stinging over being stalked

Cranky over being kicked

Galled over being gaslit

Livid over being lied to

Bemused at being blamed
for not leaving
for not being smarter
for being gullible
for being sensitive
for being tolerant
for not knowing better
for being a victim

Independent individuals
Violating of their own volition –

But packed under paternalism’s
protective umbrella

Teach your children

Stop the madness
of the campaign
of gender violence.

Learn to…

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