Reena’s Exploration Challenge #140

Tessa’s take on the lockdown….

Tessa Dean - Author

This is Teresa Smeigh from writing from a new blog using a pen name.

Reena’s Exploration Challenge Rules

Actually there are some things I like about the new normal. I like not having to go to the doctor’s office in most cases. I see a lot of doctors and hate driving. Now I just have to use my phone for most of them. Exceptions are dentists, eye doctor’s, ear doctor’s, podiatrists and of course the pain doctor’s injections.

When it comes to shopping I used to go to the large grocery store several times a week, now I have adapted to going once a month when I get paid (SSDI is once a month) and shop for the whole month. I am not eating out and that has cut down on the amount of fast food and even more expensive restaurant eating. It is saving me money.

I have…

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