Who Am I? #haibun

Who am I ? A haibun with Tanka reversed …. by Jude

tales told different

Colleen’s weekly challenge

Image by Huda Nur from pixabay

From lore to legend
Through fables and myths construed
I’ve endured it all
Is it true I’m dark as sin
Noir and deep as emotion

So much has been said about who I am. So little of who I truly am remains.

In the middle ages, it was said that I was a witch, shifted to prowl the night and curse my enemies.
I laugh at this and yet I cannot recall, for I have seen through the Gifted’s eye.
My sight plunges into the depths of souls, and my instinct speaks as loud as the enemy’s howl upon a full moon night.
How is it that I can always tell what’s benign and what is sinister?
Who am I really?

Once in far-east Japan I was honoured and treasured, thought to help single ladies find worthy suitors.
I smile at…

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6 thoughts on “Who Am I? #haibun

  1. Interesting…

    We had a black cat when I was a child. My father found him, just a kitten, alone and wandering about the factory. He brought him home. We called him Midnight. Then Midnight miraculously had kittens and became a she 😉 xo

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