Ticket to individuality

I can’t recall how many tickets have I trashed – travel, entry tickets to events, lottery tickets, coupons.

Doctors in the family often referred to certain occurrences or reports as ‘tickets to heaven”.

The words that play heavily and incessantly on my mind are “ticket to another world”. No, it is not about death.

What if I was born and brought up in a different place and setting?

What if I had studied in those hallowed universities selling labels, and tickets to a high-flying career?

What if I had been a part of the “core club” in corporates, which ensure their own benefits?

What if I had been a different person?

And then I think about what I would lost?

The journey, authenticity, ability to assess people and situations, hunger for learning, being a multi-potentialite…

I would not have been the same person, if I had life handed over to me on a silver or gold platter.

Whatever I have been through was my ticket to individuality. 


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