The handsome hunk aspires to be a model, and find a ticket to Bollywood from the ramp.

He sweats it out in the gym, and sends messages to at least ten model co-ordinators and casting directors every day.

He gets the break he always dreamt of, goes on to become an actor and earns accolades for his work.

One day, he is found dead, hanging by the ceiling fan in his bedroom.

Stories circulate about the mental torture meted out to him, because he did not come from a privileged background and was always seen as an outsider in the Hall of Fame.

All the iron he pumped in the gym, failed to induce the iron will to live – despite all challenges.

12 thoughts on “Strength

  1. good ‘lesson’

    the need to belong is surely one of the most basic drives in people. how that need manifests in a person is the interesting part. some accept being an outsider and do it anyway and others do not accept it, do it anyway and then fail because, perhaps they thought, as your protagonist seemed to, that belonging would be the reward for their work.
    thought-provoking Six

    any parable, story or adage that offers a moral or insight

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