Stories in quarantine

Is the “new normal” really new? 

The ideas and lifestyles have all existed before, maybe for a minority. 

Conservative Indians are screaming from the rooftops, that leaving footwear outside, washing before eating and following certain rules in the kitchen have been a part of our culture for long, but we had given it up for so-called modernism. The claims hit the absurd button, when veils are defended as masks. Why was it not mandatory for men, if it was a health protection measure?

We gave in to modern scientific thought, and ignored the fact that there was a certain logic to rituals or superstitions, which got twisted and deformed along the way. It is the deformity which was declared redundant, not the fundamental principles.

Culinary talents have come to the fore, as families cook to celebrate their time together. I see a lot of art on social media, being posted as #lockdownactivities.

The sky is clear and blue, because pollutants have disappeared.

Where was all this hidden before? We did not touch an inner part of ourselves which was not needed, and the same has emerged with necessity.

re-emergence of

all untouched worlds inside us

quarantined stories

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