New direction

New direction ….. By Eugenia

Eugi's Causerie

refuge from control

to become one with life

morphing of futures

Reena’s Exploration Challenge#140


The theme for this week is


Going by the dictionary, it is

“a holiday celebrated on 19 June to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people in the US.”

I would take it ahead to celebrate emancipation or liberation of any kind – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

So often, we are slaves to our own beliefs and mind-sets, and do not realise it is a bondage, till something happens to prove the contrary.

Here, millions of migrant workers travelled back to their own villages despite the risk, because they did not have money to pay rent in the cities. In one state, the government has formulated schemes to help them stay and prosper in the villages. Maybe, they now realise the futility of migration to cities, which chucked them out like a fly…

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