Cassettes have been an integral part of younger years.

Other than music and the occasional tangling of tape, the property that stands out in memory is the “auto-replay” mode. 

A friend from Tamil Nadu once put on Tamil music, forgot to switch off the player, and went to work. The neighbours in Pune who did not understand a word of the language were thoroughly irritated with the recurring noise patterns. The incident earned him cross-looking neighbours and killer stares whenever he was seen outside.

As I grow old, I see patterns of repetitive behavior and language in a few others. Transactional analysis teaches us about the Parent, Adult and Child in each of us. Repetition occurs when thinking processes get jammed in Parent mode. Repeated advice and same stories being regurgitated innumerable times, always reminds me of this antique piece in auto-replay mode.

Cassettes in minds will always remain – replaying memories and experience, warning against perceived threats and manifesting reflexes in behavior. 

The only challenge that I see in life, is to keep superimposing new music on old tape. Long live renewable tape!


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